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Citation: Roy Kronheim, Enslaved

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« It will always be present. I mean Enslaved were the first to call themselves Viking metal. It was Enslaved‘s idea and it is what we are known for. It’s an unstoppable force and as I said, we are only using the mythology symbolically. So you could sing about going to the toilet and taking a shit (laughs) and you can cover that in a symbolic way. I know that’s going to the edge, but we’re not doing the music in a way that it sounds like it was created a thousand years ago because that shit is boring. I don’t think many of these new bands who are doing this kind of thing were really influenced by old school metal, I think they are influenced by the stuff in the early ’90s. »

– Roy Kronheim, Enslaved, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, No. 27, December 1998, p. 19