Citation: Les Claypool, Primus

« Primus used to play with thrash bands all the time, and I even remember thinking when we did that it was the most ridiculous thing. I was like « I can’t believe Primus is playing with Death Angel and Testament! ». But their fans dug us so it was like « Well, I guess we’ve kinda found a bit of home, » because we’ve always been sorta the oddball guys out. Even on the Ozzfest this year, there was all this talk about Primus not belonging. Everybody’s goin’ « What? Why? We don’t want these guys! They’re not metal enough! » Yet we ended up gettin’ the gig, and the people from the Ozzfest camp were like, « Well, wait a minute, these guys are kinda heavy. » Hey, it just depends on what songs we pick to play in our set, y’know? »

– Les Claypool, Primus, Metal Maniacs, June 2000, Vol. 17, No. 4, p. 86


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  1. Primus sucks!

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