Citation: Phil Rind, Sacred Reich

– « The whole thing that was going on at the time that Judas Priest was on trial in Nevada. Supposedly, they made this kid kill himself. Another kid killed himself and they said Ozzy did it. It just seemed like the most ridiculous, ludicrous thinking I’ve ever heard in my entire life. The problem that we have of people not accepting responsibility — that was at the heart [of the song Who’s to Blame]; the serious issue of people trying to deflect blame. Of course things are not easy. Politicians point at the TV and the media and music and say « This is a bad influence ». They’ve been saying it for years and years and years. But it’s people’s responsibility. If you have children, it’s your responsibility to be a parent. I don’t need the PMRC to put a label on a record. I should know what my kids are into. And that’s the deal. It’s tragic that someone could lose their life because no one’s paying attention, and that the parent would think that music had more control over the kid than they did. It’s ridiculous. »

– Phil Rind, Sacred Reich, Metal Maniacs, June 1996, Vol. 13, No. 2, p. 14-15.


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