Citation: Karl Buechner, Earth Crisis

– « SXE [straight-edge] is a lifetime commitment to abstain from the poisons of drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking illegal drugs to escape. By not partaking in destructive and self destructive behavior, as promiscuous sex, to attain clarity of mind. Through all this we can be agents for positive change in the world, especially within the hardcore scene. […] Veganism is a peaceful world evolved after animals are liberated. At this point no one is further down than animals. They are viewed as nothing more than biomachines by almost every culture, especially within the nations of Europe, Canada and the U.S.. They’re seen as nothing more than things to be enslaved for their flesh, skin, fur and feathers. They are not recognized as creatures worthy of respect, which in truth they are. »

– Karl Buechner, Earth Crisis, The Sepulchral Voice, Issue 14, p. 21


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