Citation: Kelly Shaefer, Atheist

– « […], there are a lot of bands now who do play complex music with extended track and so on, and they’re very good musicians, but they are also Pro-Tooled as well, which helps considerably. That simply wasn’t around when we were recording, so things like the drum tracks had to be put down in one take. I’m not sure how many modern metal fans realize that what they’re hearing now is not actually the way it has been recorded. The chance for me to discuss it in a magazine, which our fans can read, will maybe let them think that to record that kind of material back then, as long and complicated as it was, was really hard to do, and maybe they’ll appreciate what has gone into the music they are hearing. We had to pull things together in one take then. Maybe it’s a little looser than the stuff that’s out there today, but that’s due entirely to the « live » way it was recorded. But I think that adds a charm and warmth to it, and I hope that fans who read this will listen again with that fact in mind. »

– Kelly Shaefer, Atheist, Metal Maniacs, January 2007, Vol. 24, No. 1, p. 113.


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