Citation: David DeFeis, Virgin Steele

– « Heavy metal to me is an idea, a feeling, and a certain vocabulary: harmonic, melodic and structural. Even if I’m doing something less heavy and aggressive, it’s still metal to me [because of] the phrasing, the syntax and where it comes from. It’s the angularity and the sensuousness of the phrasing; it’s a very vast, rich harmonic vocabulary over the very primal root of the thing. […] That’s why sometimes I don’t like to even have the song in a major or a minor mode. I obscure the mode with some of the chords that I use, and it gives you that feeling of openness, what I call « the sky hymn sound. » I try to use my knowledge, imagination, and feelings to paint a sonic picture. »

– David DeFeis, Virgin Steele, Metal Maniacs, Superstar Special, June 2001, Vol. 18, No. 4, p. 42.


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