Citation: Thomas Gabriel Fischer, Celtic Frost

– « The album [Cold Lake; 1988] is an abomination. It doesn’t deserve the name Celtic Frost, even if you don’t use that name, the songwriting and the lyric writing are embarrassing to any band, particularly so for a band like Celtic Frost. As I said before in interviews it would be too easy if I would just go and bask in the success of To Megatherion [sic; 1985]. I also have to be man enough to for the missteps I have taken in my life, and I’m doing that. I am responsible for the Cold Lake album and I’m not blind, I think it’s an absolute abomination. I am ashamed of it and it will always remain like that. But I am not just a person looking like an evil guy in the pictures, you can ask me whatever you want and I will answer you. »

– Thomas Gabriel Fischer, Celtic Frost, Pit Magazine, # 55, Summer 2006, p. 33


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