Critiques comiques: Epitaph – « Mind Control »

J’inaugure aujourd’hui une nouvelle chronique: critiques comiques. Elle présentera des critiques drôles que je puiserai dans les magazines et sites Web métal. Quand ce sera possible, je mettrai un lien vers la critique choisie; sinon, je la retranscrirai et j’ajouterai la référence. Pour bien débuter cette chronique, je vous propose la critique du mini-album Mind Control (1994), du groupe australien Epitaph.

– « They say that if you put 100 monkeys in a room with 100 typewriters in 100 years one will have written the complete works of Shakespeare. By the sounds of Epitaph, five of those monkeys escaped early on in the experiment and miraculously landed in Australia. After five minutes of musical training, they formed an act dubbed the Marsupial Masturbation Massacre. Unable to get the opening slot for Menudo when they toured down unda’, they quickly changed their name to the generic Epitaph (thus completing some evil plot by the CIA to have a band named Epitaph in every country of the world). Thye made an album titled Mind Control – were laughed at by all and then faded into the sunset – and Mike’s ears lived happily ever after… »

– Mike Campbell, The Sepulchral Voice, Issue 13, 1995, p. 21.


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