Critiques comiques: Various Artists – « Brainscan Soundtrack »

– « TAD- they fucken [sic] rock and I’d buy the « Sound of Music » if TAD could fart it. DANDELION-are some groovy alternative band, I didn’t mind it. ALCOHOL FUNNYCAR-not a bad track, but a little weak considering they are on C/Z Records. PRIMUS-suck [sic], swallow [sic] and beg [sic] for more. Next! OLD-Noise, that goes on for far too long. MUDHONEY-Isn’t it cool to like these guys now? BUTTHOLE SURFERS- I like them because they do Nintendo commercials now. PITCHSHIFTER-the other band here that I truly dig. WHITE ZOMBIE-Huh, huh, huh. STUTTERING JOHN-They do a great impression of those multi-platinum selling old farts Arrowsmith (yeah, I know, but someone should fucken [sic] peg the all with a quiverfull.) GEORGE CLINTON-some lame atmospheric/classical piece that was supposed to scare me. I’m scared I only like two songs on here! »

– Brad Mitchell, Skull Session, # 31, 1994, p. 35.


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