Citation: Danny Cavanagh, Anathema

– « All I can say is… I had a really fucked up time with drugs after Eternity [1996], and it was with LSD and magic mushrooms. You’ve heard what that can do to someone? Well that happened with me and it was a question of overcoming that and trying to help someone with that. Because when two people are really involved, they need each other and they respond to each other; they love each other very much but when one is an addict, either he gets himself straightened out or the other one becomes an addict. You know it’s mind games between people, and this is where I’m coming from in my songs. Like in « Barriers » [A Fine Day To Exit; 2001] I didn’t see what was happening. It’s an admission of guilt and being wrong, trying to find strength. I know I’m going crazy and going off on all this but I just want you to print all of this without editing any of it because it’s just me… »

– Danny Cavanagh, Anathema, Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles, # 55, November 2011, p. 53


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