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Mes sélections de juillet

Posted in Sélections on juillet 31, 2011 by johnnylebrun666

L’été se poursuit en musique, avec des albums de styles variés:

NocturnusThe Key (1990);

Sunny Day Real EstateHow It Feels To Be Something On (1998 );

Circus Maximus –  The 1st Chapter (2005);

OpethMorningrise (1996);

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Citation: Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

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– « Well, I knew we were doing something different, because everybody hated us. We were thrown out of most places. I felt very alone, along with Tony, Ozzy and Geezer, which created tremendous unison by the way. That was one of our strengths. I felt like it was us against the world, and as a teenager, one can feel that way a lot. I knew deep down inside that we were into something that was not a part of anything else I’d been hearing. I felt like an oddball. In hindsight, I guess one could look back and go, ‘Oh my God, we did that and we did this and that got created and fashion came from this, and so much came from hard rock which then turned into metal.’ But it was different. It was raw. When Led Zeppelin’s first album came out, one of the things I was particularly fascinated about was the smoothness of the album. And ours, when I compared it, was so raw and almost punkish, gritty. There’s mistakes all over it and I just love it. »

– Bill Ward, Black Sabbath, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, # 20, November/December 1997, p. 35

Critiques comiques: Bad Acid Trip – « Lynch The Weirdo »

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– « It’s too bad that « Worst Albums Of The Year » lists don’t get created, passed around, studied and debated with as much fervor as « Best Album Of The Year » rankings. Well, it may not be all that great for California’s Bad Acid Trip because Lynch The Weirdo would probably top that list before easily garnering preliminary nominations for worst album of the decade. What makes this album such a lose-lose proposition?

No, it has nothing to do with the band being signed to Serjical Strike, the label banked by Serj Tankian of nu-metal (?) infidels System Of A Down. That would be shallow and unfair. Truth is, simply, this is bad with a capital B-A-D. From the outside looking in, Bad Acid Trip attempts to be an esoteric and comedic grind/noisecore unit of street-savvy, DIY warriors whose goal is to use their poor stabs at Three One G-ish musical chaos in order to liberate humanity from its tunnel vision while having a few chuckles along the way. Of course, someone forgot to point out that no one is going to care about what a band that sounds as if Gwar possessed and crushed the spirit of The Locust and combined the resulting mess with the likes of of Intense Mutilation and A.C. has to say. Especially when the result is a heartless, soulless, cut-and-paste din that makes Lawnmower Deth look like fusion musicians and, overall, is about as funny as owning property in downtown Baghdad. »

– Kevin Stewart-Panko, Metal Maniacs, November 2004, Vol. 21, No. 9, p. 88

« Essential Death Metal Albums »

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Mon éducation musicale a été très fortement influencée par le death métal, au début des années 1990. J’aurai donc toujours une affection particulière pour ce style, même si aujourd’hui, je n’en écoute plus autant qu’avant. C’est pourquoi j’étais curieux de lire cette liste des albums essentiels du death métal. Je suis globalement d’accord avec les disques mentionnés, mais l’absence d’Obscura (1998 ) de Gorguts me dérange. Comment ne pas souligner le génie de cette œuvre gigantesque? Enfin. C’est comme ça avec toutes les listes de ce genre: on sera en désaccord avec un ou plusieurs de leurs éléments. C’est ce qui en fait la beauté.

Si vous êtes curieux, vous pouvez aussi découvrir ces autres listes sur le doom métal, le grindcore, le metalcore, le power métal, le métal progressif et le thrash métal.

« From « Sharp ‘n’ Pointy » to « Bastard Gothic, » a Guide to Metal Logos »

Posted in Divers on juillet 24, 2011 by johnnylebrun666

Voici un article drôle qui se moque gentiment des logos de groupes métal. Le pire, c’est qu’il est difficile de ne pas reconnaître la justesse des observations qui y sont mises de l’avant…

Une entrevue avec Buzzov•en

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Ah… Buzzov•en. Pionnier du sludge (avec EYEHATEGOD), le groupe a terrorisé la scène métal nord-américaine au début des années 1990, grâce à sa musique noire et épaisse comme de la Guinness et ses spectacles violents, voire dangereux. Le vocaliste/guitariste Kirk Fisher y va de confidence en confidence dans cette longue et captivante entrevue. Et quelle histoire fascinante il raconte…

« Sacred Oath – The Beginning »

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La découverte du jour: The Beginning de Sacred Oath, tirée du premier album du groupe américain, A Crystal Vision (1987):