Critiques comiques: Bathory – « Octagon »

– « This is truly terrible. Mostly due to the fact Quorthon can’t produce a CD to save his life, I can’t believe that Black Mark puts out brilliant material by Dan Swano, then turns around and releases tripe like this shit. For example, the snare sound is really annoying. Imagine HELMET’s snare sound, a thousand times louder, then bury the already dull vocals, and then mix the guitars and bass through mud and you got Q’s production skills. This sucks. Although, I see the lyrics are moving forward in some areas like in the songs « Born To Die » and « Century ». I guess Bathory were a little upset with LENNY KRAVITZ when his version of « Deuce » was chosen for the KISS tribute CD « Kiss My Ass ». They put their version on here. Don’t feel bad guys, you can kiss my ass. This sucks (Again). »

– Brad Mitchell, Skull Session, Issue Number Thirty-Three, p. 29

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