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Critiques comiques: Armageddon Monks – « Armageddon Monks »

Posted in Critiques comiques on septembre 28, 2011 by johnnylebrun666

– « Just what we need to set off the column [Firing Squad] this month – a TARGET! These Monk chimps puke date-friendly hard rock with a nü-metal tinge, shrouded in a totally thrash-looking package. They really suck; I mean, I not only want this band to break up now, I want to serve them a petition to fuck off, signed by all of this meager column’s readers. Think Poison meeets Stained sucking the balls of commercial radio and using metal as a carrier pigeon for their disease. This is easily the worst thing to have raped my eardrums in dog’s age. When the true Armageddon hits, we’ll eat them first. »

– Dave Brenner, Metal Maniacs, August 2008, Vol. 25, No. 6, p. 86