Citation: Gary Holt, Exodus

– «  Yeah, well, major labels are  a bunch of trendy motherfuckers. They jump on a trend they know nothing about and then milk it until they kill it. What usually happens is you have a select group of quality bands that are doing something and doing it well, and then the major labels go, « we need one of those, too, » so they start saturating the market with inferior product. They do it with every type of music. The only forward-thinking A & R person I’ve ever known was Michael Alago who had the foresight to sign Metallica to Elektra Records. He knew they were something special back then. The sales we did for Force Of Habit and Impact Is Imminent would have been a success on an independent label but they were considered a dismal failure on Capitol. »

– Gary Holt, Exodus, Metal Maniacs, September 2004, Vol. 21, No. 7, p. 76

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