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Citation: Rob Halford, Judas Priest

Posted in Citation on octobre 21, 2011 by johnnylebrun666

– « « Even though I’m a gay man, they still try to do that [jump my bones]. God bless my female fans! » »

– Rob Halford, Judas PriestLas Vegas Review-Journal, Friday, October 21, 2011,

Citation: Gary Holt, Exodus

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– «  Yeah, well, major labels are  a bunch of trendy motherfuckers. They jump on a trend they know nothing about and then milk it until they kill it. What usually happens is you have a select group of quality bands that are doing something and doing it well, and then the major labels go, « we need one of those, too, » so they start saturating the market with inferior product. They do it with every type of music. The only forward-thinking A & R person I’ve ever known was Michael Alago who had the foresight to sign Metallica to Elektra Records. He knew they were something special back then. The sales we did for Force Of Habit and Impact Is Imminent would have been a success on an independent label but they were considered a dismal failure on Capitol. »

– Gary Holt, Exodus, Metal Maniacs, September 2004, Vol. 21, No. 7, p. 76

Citation: Rich Ward, Stuck Mojo

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– « I’ve grown apart from my family. […]. All that tangible stuff like being grounded, knowing who you are, that starts to get lost in the shuffle. But it’s ok, y’know, because I made this decision. It’s a little price to pay. My family is everywhere. Every town I go to I have the coolest people I keep in touch with. I write them postcards. They’re all from different towns, important friends I meet at shows. We go to dinner. We hang. We talk, I mean really talk. THAT’S my family. And they’re directly responsible for me being able to play music every night, which, as far as I’m concerned, is the best job in the world. »

– Rich Ward, Stuck Mojo, Metal Maniacs, Superstar Special, April 1997,  Vol. 14, No. 1, p. 11

Citation: Andrew Craighan, My Dying Bride

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– « I never imagined anything. You play because you love it or it’s a mean to an end. I would have probably dabbled on guitar all my life without thinking about it. As it turns out, I’ve dabbled without thinking and created seven LPs. There’s been more hard work around it. It’s not just playing guitar. When you first join a band, you’re just doing it to impress girls. I won’t pretend there’s anything more to it than that. It’s great to create some fucking noise on stage and headbang to your own music. There’s always someone who’s gonna like it. It’s a good buzz and you’re part of something for a second. »

– Andrew Craighan, My Dying Bride, Metal Maniacs, February 2002, p. 10

Citation: Guillaume Cavanna, Oneyed Jack

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«  Notre message est positif: on fume de l’herbe, on est contre le pouvoir comme tous les jeunes d’aujourd’hui. Quand tu n’as pas d’aide de tes parents, dès que tu es un môme livré à toi-même, tu as du mal à t’en sortir. J’habite dans un squat, je commence tout juste à sortir la tête de l’eau, je vais prendre un appart’, mais j’angoisse déjà parce que je sais que je vais galérer pour le payer. On est maintenant considérés comme intermittents du spectacle, 1500 F par mois…  »

– Guillaume Cavanna, Oneyed Jack, Hard Rock Magazine, N. 19, Décembre 1996, p. 46

Citation: Bill Ward, Black Sabbath

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– « Well, I knew we were doing something different, because everybody hated us. We were thrown out of most places. I felt very alone, along with Tony, Ozzy and Geezer, which created tremendous unison by the way. That was one of our strengths. I felt like it was us against the world, and as a teenager, one can feel that way a lot. I knew deep down inside that we were into something that was not a part of anything else I’d been hearing. I felt like an oddball. In hindsight, I guess one could look back and go, ‘Oh my God, we did that and we did this and that got created and fashion came from this, and so much came from hard rock which then turned into metal.’ But it was different. It was raw. When Led Zeppelin’s first album came out, one of the things I was particularly fascinated about was the smoothness of the album. And ours, when I compared it, was so raw and almost punkish, gritty. There’s mistakes all over it and I just love it. »

– Bill Ward, Black Sabbath, Brave Words and Bloody Knuckles, # 20, November/December 1997, p. 35

Citation: J.J. Hrubovcak, Divine Rapture

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– « We can argue for days about the meaning of the term influence. I believe there is no influence, there is only inclination. Numerous people across the globe could be having the same inclination. The music you listen to does not affect your outcome, you listen to it as a result of your own inclination and if you tap into the whole at some level your inclination will be one with others. You can get down physical technique from a model (i.e. I learned a lot of my legato lead style from modeling Joe Satriani), but what will eventually come out is from the tap into the source. »

–  J.J. Hrubovcak, Divine Rapture, Explicitly Intense, # 13, 2003, p. 26

Citation: Fenriz, Darkthrone

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– « Okay, here’s the whole deal… Neil Peart was one of my faves in ’88 to ’90, until I stopped having any ambitions. What was I going to do? Was I going to play jazz or really fast? So I was listening to all this primitive stuff. That’s where my heart was. I hate playing guitar. I’m making old school riffs on a normal acoustic guitar. But if it sounds good on an acoustic guitar then it will rock when you put some fuzz on the fucker. »

– Fenriz, Darkthrone, Brave Words And Bloody Knuckles, No 69, May 2003, p. 47.

Citation: John Balistreri, Slogun

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– « It [the use of the phrase « fuck the world »] started when I was about 13. It was a crew I was with when I wrote graffiti. These guys were really crazy, and they hated people as much as I did, so I started using that as much as possible. I eventually got it tatooed on my back (just like they did), and it went from there. Bottom line, people suck. They’ve proved it time and time again, and they can all go fuck themselves. »

– John Balistreri, Slogun, Worm Gear, Issue No. 6, 1997?,  p. 10

Citation: Killjoy, Necrophagia

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– « A ghoul is something that just eats corpses, where a zombie wants flesh. Living flesh. They eat people. Ghouls prey on corpses in graveyards. »

– Killjoy, Necrophagia, Metal Maniacs, April 1999, Vol. 16, No. 3, p. 15.